Tanzania has a population of 55 million people and approximately half of these are children below the age of 18. With a Human Development Index (HDI) of only 0.488, Tanzania falls into the bottom quartile of countries with the lowest level of human development ranking at 159 out of 187 countries. National economic growth has not translated into improved living conditions for the poor and the situation is especially acute in rural areas, home to 84.1% of Tanzanians.


Hope School for Boys and Girls is a place reserved for low- and middle-income society children. This place, a home for disadvantaged children in Tanzania is also learning center/school founded in 2018 by Mr. Lucas Mhina. The Hope family will be composed of a majority of pupils from low incomes society, teachers, volunteers and administrators and will include a dedicated Tanzanian house mothers and staff member, as well as numerous volunteers who travel from around the world each year to assist us in our work.

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