HOPE GIRLS AND BOYS PRIMARY SCHOOL is calling for Support from interested parties and individuals in sponsoring a new 1000 kids Primary School which is expected to start in January 2020, so that to serve the Local Administrative Area of Mateves in Arusha Municipality. This document provides the background and specification for the new school, how it will be funded, the expected timescales for its development, information regarding how you can express an interest for support to fund operation and current ongoing initiatives.

The Project falls within the scope of the Mission and specific objectives

Where we were

What needed

Budget Description for PHASE 1. Initial Grant Contribution.

Budget Description Amount
Purchase of land, security and certification-DONE 265,000 USD
Substructure/Foundation Construction, licensure and payment of Workers-DONE 120,000 USD
Fencing the school compound-DONE 10,000 USD
Ground floor Superstructure Walls,20Toilets-10 for boys and 10 for Girls and toilets for kids with special needs *Slab for First Floor construction -DONE $100,000

Grants required for completion of Phase I

12 Classes
10 Toilets for Boys
10 Toilets for Girls
1 Office space for Teachers
100,000 USD
2 Dormitory/Hostel Construction for Boys 120,000 USD
3 Dormitory/Hostel Construction for Girls 120,000 USD
4 Canteen Construction 120,000 USD
5 Teachers Houses 100,000 USD
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