Lucas was born and raised in Arusha Tanzania. His parents are from two different tribes (Bondei from the coast of Tanzania and Chagga from Mt Kilimanjaro region). He was educated in London (UK) (BA Hons Hospitality and Tourism), Nairobi Kenya (Diploma in Tourism and Tour Guide) and received further training in Tour Leading and Guiding as well as First Aid while in South Africa. Also he is owner of Carnivores Safaris. He has been guiding and leading groups in East Africa since 1999. Lucas is married and has three children ( Sylvia, John and Jovin) and while not leading trips, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Having an idea of opening School it comes up after being helped by his friends from the USA for his Studies in the UK and that's how he was thinking on how to give back to the community. Apart from HGB School he is belonged to another Organization which helps Tanzania local School FRIENDS OF MEALI

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